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title. Pop Up Learning

date. March - July 2019

city. Cox's Bazar and Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh

role. Innovation Designer and Facilitator at International Rescue Committee

Challenge: How might we provide learning at the right level to children, in their homes or other spaces, without relying on skilled teachers, within the first 8 weeks of crisis, at scale?


Process: From conducting in-depth field interviews, workshops and prototypes of various fidelity levels, we gathered insights that informed how the various components of the program should be designed so that the program can be deployed rapidly and also help children reach high learning outcomes. The research focused on developing an appropriate incentive model for facilitators, finding the optimal use of spaces within the camps, determining the kind contextualization within a software needed and mechanisms for charging and storing tablets.


Outcome: Through our research and consultations with many stakeholders, we developed a program model that would be ready to pilot within a couple of months. The model included recruitment framing and selection criteria for facilitators, an incentive model, facilitator training and support, recommendations for software contextualization and user experience, and a decision process for choosing options for storing and charging tablets.

For more information, see here.

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