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Hello, I am Janice - a researcher, social design strategist and facilitator in service of
social innovation and systems change.
I work with stakeholders to collectively envision and design programs, strategies or initiatives that seek systemic change in the fields of civic innovation, community and international development. I do this through facilitating co-creation and awareness-based systems thinking coupled with mixed-methods research, service design and policy analysis.




about me.


I am motivated by a strong desire to foster learning and innovation that is collaborative, courageous, equitable and regenerative.


For the 12 past years, I have led various social impact and innovation projects across multiple fields for example: education for refugees resettled in the U.S. as well as refugee camps, digital financial services to empower emerging market participants, primary literacy instruction for children in low-resource contexts, Digital Public Goods for equitable outcomes, and social services for low-income communities in the United States, to name a few.

Most recently, I worked as a strategist at 3x3, a social impact design consultancy that facilitates inclusive innovation. Previously, I have worked as a social innovation consultant with government agencies of New York City, national non-profits, UNICEF, International Rescue Committee, a tech startup in Myanmar and many more. My work and writing have been featured in the World Policy Journal and the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies Academic Space. I hold an MPA in Development Practice from Columbia University and a BA in Religion, graduating with Honors,from Austin College.

I am also a fledgling scuba-diver, practicing meditator, aspiring polyglot, and traveler.

LinkedIn Profile Here.

Sectors where I have experience:

  • Education

  • Civic Technology and Innovation

  • Refugee Resettlement

  • Mental and Social Well-being

  • Financial Inclusion

Country Experience: I have had the privilege to live and work in the following countries that continue to inform my perspective and inquiry:

Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Laos, Myanmar, Rwanda, South Africa and the United States.


  • Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Religion from Austin College

  • Masters in Public Administration (M.P. A.) in (International) Sustainable Development Practice from Columbia University.



Mixed-Methods Research

  • Design research

  • Ethnography

  • Program evaluation: impact and learning

  • Policy and landscape analysis

  • Stakeholder and systems mapping

  • Qualitative and quantitative research and analysis


  • Participatory strategic planning

  • Program design through human centered design (HCD) or community centered design

  • Developing and implementing participatory monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks and processes

  • Change management


  • Co-Design or community-engaged design

  • Experiential and organizational Learning

  • Community engagement

  • Awareness-based systems thinking

Georgiana Ward-Booth, Presencing Institute

"The Presencing Institute hired Janice as an external evaluator for a big-scale leadership development program for the United Nations funded by USAID. She was able to grasp the complexity and nuances of the intervention from the beginning and, when producing the final program evaluation report, demonstrated a solid understanding of behavioural indicators that had been set to assess the initiative's impact. She also showed the capacity to dive deeper into the purpose and objectives of the program, as well as the culture and language of the UN and the participants whose interviews she used as a basis for her analysis. This resulted in a nuanced final analysis. Janice is kind, committed, open-minded, professional and a remarkable team player. Any Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning team would benefit from her work and positive attitude."



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