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Hello, I am Janice - a researcher, systems designer and facilitator of learning
that works to bring innovation and impact in human systems.
You can read more about me and my projects on this site.
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about me.


I am a researcher, social designer and facilitator of learning that works to bring innovation and impact in human systems.

My interest in social innovation lies in the process - the way we engage our hearts and minds in what we do. I am motivated by a strong desire to foster innovation that is collaborative, generative and courageous. I have a passion for understanding human behavior to solve challenges that matter. Working at the nexus of research and design, I bring the rigor of research and evaluation to impact design, and likewise the application of design to stimulate research.

My work has ranged from leading education programs in a refugee-resettlement agency, managing data and evaluation initiatives in international education and social services, research and evaluation consulting for international organizations, and conducting design research to technology and community projects. In these roles, I have brought change for social programs - building and sustaining new management tools and processes, and incorporating data and research to drive change in products, services and organizations.

Past clients and employers have included the Millennium Villages Project, Council on Foreign Relations, Catholic Charities of Dallas, the Earth Institute, MIT D-Lab International Development Innovation Network, Pencils of Promise, and the International Rescue Committee.


Education, Humanitarian Work, Mental and Social Well-being, Financial Inclusion



  • Bachelors of Arts in Religion from Austin College

  • Masters in Public Administration in (International) Development Practice from Columbia University.

Work-related Travel: I have lived and worked in the United States, India, China, Rwanda, South Africa, Myanmar, Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Bangladesh.


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