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title. Facilitating workshops for tackling on online gender-based violence

date. May - July 2021

role. Facilitator

Challenge/Situation: Online gender-based violence is a pervasive issue that threatens healthy participation for a free and open web. Our client for this project, Web Foundation's Tech Policy Design Lab, set to address the issue of gender-based violence by gathering stakeholders from multiple sectors to ideate on technology solutions and policy recommendations that would be implementable for technology companies.

Process: Together with Feminist Internet, Craig Walker Design and the Tech Policy Design Lab, our team at 3x3 Design facilitated a series of three workshops consisting of more than 120 technology leaders, government actors and thought partners from over 35 countries. As a facilitator, I facilitated four-hour long workshops in breakout rooms of 6-8 people from different backgrounds, where we developed prototypes for content curation and reporting that served to address specific experiences and scenarios of online violence that women face. Each workshop followed the same format where participants review the scenario at hand, define the problem statement, ideate and prioritize on specific interface and policy solutions, and prototype or draw out the process for how solutions would be applied.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 9.58.20 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 9.58.13 AM.png

Outcome: From the workshops, participants created digital interface prototypes as well as policy recommendations that respond to experiences in online gender-based violence ranging from coordinated waves of online abuse (pile-ons) to cross-platform abuse. The prototypes informed the policy recommendations that were shared at the 2021 UN Gender Equality Forum.

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